All of our brains were unshackled and pure when we were kids, when this education system(majorly Indian) didn’t screw our brains up.

  • Seeing Swirls Of Purple That Travel Around When You Firmly Close Your Eyes & Thinking You Were Some Kind Of Superhero Who Could See Individual Atoms & Molecules

  • Realizing That In Cricket, Batsmen Don’t Change Their Ends After Each Over, And Instead It’s The Bowlers And The Wicketkeeper Who Switch Places

  • Missing A Heartbeat Whenever A Maruti Omni Van Passed By, Thinking ‘MUMMY! I AM GONNA GET KIDNAPPED’

  • Thinking Anonymous Was A Great Guy Cause He Wrote So Many Cool-Unfiltered Poems & Stories

  • That The Money The Bus Conductor Collected Was Entirely His. And Thereafter Spending Your Initial Childhood Hoping To Become A Bus Conductor.

  • Thinking Bata Was An Indian Company.

  • Sensex Was Something Naughty What Sushmita Sen Was Doing.

  • WWE Is Real & Undertaker Has Seven Lives[It’s Not Really Real, Just So You Know Now]

  • Thinking Abroad And Foreign Were Two Countries

  • Thinking This Game I Bought From Palika Bazaar Was The Complete Truth

  • Thinking TO-LET Boards Were Just A Typo For TOILET, Somehow Too Many People Forget The I In TOILET

  • Thinking The IITs Were So Respectable That They Were Called IIT-JEE (read IITji, & they are not)

  • That The Name Of Your Favorite Writer Was Grid Blyton (Enid Blyton)

  • Thinking The Bollywood Actors Were Actually Singing The Songs While Dancing And Doing Whatever Else Stupidity They Were Upto OnScreen.

  • Wanting An Onida Television Cause Of This Cool Guy

  • Bigger The Cheque, Bigger The Money

  • A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-Elemelo – P

  • A Spider Biting You Would Make You SpiderMan

  • That The Money Parents Handed The Bride And Groom At Their Wedding In An Envelope Was For The Food Your Family Just Ate

  • Thinking The KFC Logo Was Big Head On A Small Stick Figure, Till Someone Points It Out That It’s A Bow

  • That Gangsters And Mafias In India Actually Kill For ‘Supari’ (betel nut)

  • That Swallowing A Seed By Mistake And Having Water Over It Would Lead To A Plant Growing Out Of Your Belly Button

  •  That The TV Newsreader Always Looks At Me Irrespective Of Where I Am Sitting In The Room

  • That There Were Two Pacific Oceans.

  • Kajol Divorced Shah Rukh Khan To Get Married To Ajay Devgan

  • That The Heart Looked Like This

  • “Study well now, you can have fun in secondary school”

    “Study well now, you can have fun after 10th”

    “Attend IIT coaching now, you can have fun in college”

  • Thinking A ‘Goods Carrier’ Truck Carried Only Good People

    And TATA was a bye-bye as the truck leaves you behind.


  • That Male Testicles Were His Kidneys

    And last, but not the least.Growing up would be a lot of fun. Nope.


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