Our Bollywood movies may be cheap-mainstream and atrocious at times, but once in a while, you come across a movie which just makes you realize the potential of this industry if done to please the International markets. It’s not that we don’t have the skills, it’s that we don’t have the market right now to run intellectual shiz movies. Anyway, some of the best movie dialogues from our much hated and as much loved Bollywood films ::

  • “Sir…..Life need not be long it should be big”
  • I am that person who is scared to travel in a bus. I am that person who either gets trapped in rain or in a blast.I am that person who used to doubt others just by looking at their wrists and I am also that person who is scared to grow beard and wear a cap.I am that person who gives a deep thought to choose a name of his/her shop for trading fearing that my property may get destroyed in a riot.Whoever is involved in a quarrel,its me who is always killed in the end.Just look at a crowd of thousands & select one face.I am that person.I am just a stupid common man.
  • There are only two ways to live life: Tolerate things the way they are… Or, take responsibility to change them. 
  • Goli nahi maarenge saale ko, keh ke lenge uski
    I wont shoot him, I will destroy him saying on his face.
  • This Pyaar Ka Punchnama scene :
  • “Teja Mein Hun, mark idhar hai” – Andaz apna apna(English : I am Teja, here is the mark)
  • Jiyo, khush raho, muskurayo, kya pata kal ho naa ho?Live stay happy. smile Tomorrow may not be
  • Dialog: Babu Mushay, Jindagi aur maut uparwale ke hath hai jahapana, jise na aap badal sakte hai na main. Hum sab to rangmanch ki katputlia hain, jinki dor uparwale ke haath bandhi hai. Kab kaun kaise uthega ye koi nahi bata sakta.(English translation: Life and death are in the hand of God almighty, which can’t be altered by me or you. We all are puppets of a show, whose strings are in the hand of God. Nobody knows how one will die.)
  • Gabbar: “Suna. Poore pachas hajaar. Aur yeh inaam isliye hai kyunki yaha se pachas pachas kos door gaanw me jab koi bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kehti hai beta soja. Soja nahi to gabbar singh aa jaayega. Aur yeh teen haraam jaade; ye Gabbar Singh kaa naam poora mitti me mila ayae. Iski sajaa milegi. Baraabar milegi !”( Did you hear? Full 50 thousand ! And this money has been put on my head because even 50 miles from here if a kid cries in the night, the mother tells him to go to bed or else Gabbar Singh will come. And these three bastards have maligned my reputation to dust. This will be punished, rest assured !)
  • “My name is KHAN and I am not a terrorist”
  • Jab zindagi ek bar mili hai toh do bar kyun soche(When life is given only once then why think twice)Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment … aur main entertainment hoon(Films do well only because of 3 reasons … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment … and I am entertainment)
  • “It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple”
  • “Apne hi paani mein pighal jaana hi baraf ka mukaddar hota hai…samjhaa dena us chokre ko!”
    (to melt in its own water, that is the destiny of ice….make it clear to that boy)
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