It’s 2013, It’s Time We Accept That There IS Life Beyond Earth & That The USA Government Has Been Hiding Information From The World About It.

Yes, you could think this is sensational – and what not – but after researching for only 4 days on the internet, I am convinced that there are ETs, and they are on Earth. Not one, but various types, basically 4.
I have been going through countless hours of YouTube videos(some were just crap) and other sources, and I have gathered these videos off YouTube, I am not going to be embed the videos into our website as some of them are getting banned pretty quickly/randomly.

After going through all these videos, one this is for sure, the Government of United States of America is hiding something, EVEN if they are not ETs we need to go out all public. Even though, now convincing me that there are no aliens would be a waste of time, because when a high ranking Canadian diplomat submits proof and doesn’t believe but rather knows they exist and are here on earth, you would really have to push me over to believe the other. Up to you now.


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