The Circus is a web-comic about F1. It’s a comic take at the events and things that happen during the races and away from it. While it is generally light, sometimes Abhinav Krishna(creator) takes a subtle but serious approach to it, without taking away the whole feel of the comic. It runs in parallel with the F1 season. And at the time being, it is one of the few F1 comics out there. Initially, Abhinav Krishna used to make just comics. Then he started adding, a little infrequently, detailed illustrations of one big moment from the race weekends. To add more dimension to it, he recently started working on animation as well.

At every race weekend, depending on the kind of stories that emerge, he rolls out 1-3 comics and one detailed illustration afterwards.

The idea for The Circus came to him some time last year. While watching an epihesode of Top Gear and 2007 F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen was being interviewed. Kimi was very straight and undiplomatic on topics from which others F1 drivers shy away. Abhinav thought to himself, looks like this guy missed the class on diplomacy. Based on this, he drew a comic featuring all the champions from the grid attending a class on diplomacy. That eventually turned into The Circus’s first comic.

Asked about content inspiration he replies, ‘F1 isn’t repetitive, so the content is always new’.

MoZ really liked the content of Circus Comic, and we do think that if done right, there would be some viral sharing done, not only in India – but world wide.

 Below is a link to the Facebook page of The Circus, we want you to go Like it right now.

The Circus :: FB Page

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