MoZ is back with the report of day 3 of Saarang! As always, for constant updates, follow us us at @MomentOf_Zen.

Day 3 was good, Saarang drew more crowds than the past two days. It was also the day that Anathema performed. They ended the day with a brilliant set. Some the things that happened on day 3:

  •  Decibels at Bindass park, featuring semi-professional bands competing to open for Anathema
  • The Fashion show, ‘Panache’ took place. An all-male team won the first place
  • The Dramatics finals at the CLT where acting troupes from numerous colleges performed
  • Evam gives a hilarious stand-up session at the SAC
  • Amateur Stand-up comics perform at the IC&SR hall
  • The exciting JAM prelims took place
  • An Irish musical trio performed at the SAC as part of the World Culture Show
  • Rock show night began with performances by The Family Cheese, Heretic and Bevar Sea
  • English band Anathema take the stage with a truly amazing show. Halfway into the show, the singer asked everyone standing beyond the barricades to calmly and carefully jump over them, without hurting anyone.  They ended the night with some of their classics.


Pictures from Day 3:
Dabankuthu on Carnival stage

Decibels : Performance by F-16

Dramatics finals at CLT : THe God of Carnage by SASTRA university

World culture fest by an Irish acoustic trio

Anathema, after asking fans to jump across the barricade

We’ll be back for Day 4 tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit the MoZ workshop tomorrow between 1-2PM. Don’t miss it!

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