Day one at Saarang was awesome. Us at MoZ will be following whatever’s happening at the Saarang fest at IIT-Madras for the next few days. You can get live updates on our twitter account @MomentOf_Zen.


Todays events included

  • The Western Music Acoustic and Acapella competition in which bands from all over India performed
  • The frustratingly hard Buzzer and Travel and Living Quiz
  • Prelims for the Debate: We didn’t quite understand the scoring system but it was fun to see people screaming at each other
  • German drummer Carola Gray ripping apart her drumkit
  • The Western Music Solo Vocal competition which was basically a lot of pretty women singing. And a lot of Adele. #Nice
  • Food was pretty good all around,but at a rate which would pinch a students pockets.
  • Numerous people embarrassing themselves at the Vespa and Wild Stone stalls in hopes of winning prizes
  • Malaysian rock band Bitter Sweet played an amazingly powerful show
  • The Light Music competition at Bindass Park
  • The Choreo Night with 20+ colleges performing dances for a shitload of prize money
  • The crazy, crazy Sunburn Night featuring Shaan and Dualist Inquiry!

Pictures from Day one:

WM Acoustyx performances


Road show

Arm-Wrestling at the Carnival stage

DJ competition

Noisy Mama from Germany

Choreo Night


So today was fun, tomorrow holds so much promise: Parikrama will be performing as part of the finals for Powerchords. Do not miss them!




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