We believe in logic. We believe that science has the answers to all our questions. Post modernism led to the domination of scientific theories over arts. But, human life and psyche are not necessarily logical. Why do we behave in a certain manner cannot be answered by science. Of course, science could study the related biological effects and hormonal changes. But, these seem to look minuscule in front of the larger set of emotions.

Our belief system is so ingrained into believing in logic, that we underestimate our own powers. Powers that are limitless. The power of creative visualisation. There is every possibility that what we imagine (strongly, in its greatest details) will become a reality. Arnold Schwarzenegger would imagine himself as someone who was extremely strong, like Cyclops. He envisioned his biceps as mountains. He would imagine what his body would look like, trigger positive thoughts and keep repeating them. These positive thoughts would then overpower the negative ones and penetrate the subconscious mind. That would result in action. The subconscious mind in most of us remains dormant, until we meditate and reawaken its powers.

Even science hasn’t been able to trigger critical thinking in most of us. We won’t realize the effects of global warming sitting in our air-conditioned homes. Last year, I went on a seven days trek to Kuari Pass in the Himalayas. It was snowing in the summers. There was snow on our tents, in the middle of May. Even the tour guide wasn’t expecting it to snow. Can it get any worse than this? Yes, it can. Our guide Arvind, who belongs to Himachal told us about how the tree line had depleted over the years. Around ten years ago, they would have crossed the tree line on the second half of Day 4. But now it takes a few extra hours to cross the line. A few extra hours translate into the destruction of a part of the Alpine Biome.

Kuari Pass: View from my tent.
Kuari Pass: View from my tent.

Most of the foreigners are seen picking up wrappers of Pan Masala on the way, while our very own Indians keep littering around. That is how it is in Haridwar and Rishikesh. But, thankfully the Himalayas still look pristine and pure, because of the initiatives taken by several NGO’s. But, that doesn’t take away from it, the visible effects of global warming. It is only when we visit such places, would we realize that 2012 Apocalypse is still impending. Until then, our understanding of global warming would be limited to textbooks and urban climatic changes. The CFC spewing air-conditioned dragons, have pushed us into our comfort zones. This way, even the extreme climatic conditions would cease to pull us back to this harsh reality.

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