What is it in the dark, that the light does not offer? Sense of sight could be distracting. By deactivating all other senses and concentrating on merely one, we make it stronger. It’s like an exercise. In my locality, most of the residents go out for morning walks, find a place to sit in the Parsik forests and just LISTEN. In a couple of years, they could differentiate between the sounds of different birds a midst the chaos.

We are all connected, to the birds, canines, herbivores. Living creatures have a common existence, we co-exist. Most of these men and women in my locality work towards minimizing their movements. They are seated in a place of their own, peacefully. Human beings have caused destruction and havoc every time they’ve moved. Every time they have raised their hands to pick up arms, they have taken another life. They’ve used their hands to raze forests and build cars and buildings instead.

But, when they sit down there is no activity. Why should we consider activity as being superior to nothingness? Just because doing nothing is associated with gluttony and laziness? Sitting down cannot be considered as lazy. And anyway, look at what activity has done to the world. But is activity a disease, an epidemic?

A disease could be an epidemic, endemic or pandemic. Disease has a very negative connotation. But what could be an epidemic, without being a disease? What are the possibilities in this world, that something positive could spread as fast as something negative.

We could be optimistic and dream about a world without cars. Or a world where all the cars stop suddenly, people step out, sit on the roads and start meditating. Viewers sitting in front of the idiot box, switch it off, sit down and close their eyes. Workers drop their equipment, soldiers drop their guns, sit down wherever they are and close their eyes. All the business meetings, escapist vacations, wars, traffic come to halt. All their eyes closed. That could connect us better to each other than mere sight, because the best form of conversation is within us, and that would be our moment of Zen. It’s time for self-reflection.

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