The Aam Aadmi Party was formally launched by Arvind Kejriwal on the 26/11, yesterday. He is looking forward to take the Congress and the BJP from right, left and centre. Use all his Aamsutra techniques and take them head on from every position. But, how can you create a ‘National’ party out of thin air? It is not the TV channels or the coverage that would assure the success of the party. The television would simply move on from Aam to Kanti Shah ke Angoor.

Rather, the Aam Aadmi Party should start working from the grassroot level, empowering the Panchayats. If they want to distribute decision making powers equally, then they would have to take a stance, whether they are a socialist party or not? They have to make a move from being a mere ‘Television Party’ to a ‘Grassroot level Party’. In any case, right now the roots are missing, they’re just a part of the larger television news content. Though, to expect so much out of a newly formed party in such a short period of time would be unfair.

Definitely, the grass looks greener on the Congress’s side. In Spite of having such an ugly-looking line-up of scams, Congress might win the next assembly elections. Because, BJP is back to fourth standard, infighting in order to decide who the monitor should be. And Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam is pretty ripe right now. He should be concentrating on empowering social indicators and spreading the popularity of the party in the villages. Instead, he has been busy performing publicity gimmicks in front of the idiot box, announcing or alleging something new every day.

Mr. Pig-vijay

A party cannot win elections merely by the support of the middle class urban families. It needs to spread to the rural areas, more effectively and efficiently. Rome was not built in a day,even though RGV’s Aag was maybe shot in a few hours. Moreover, it needs to create a Pan-Indian base. Specifically, in India where voting takes place on the basis of caste, religion and region, it would be difficult to gather such a base for the party. Only if, the Indian populace gulps in a few capsules of Horsepower 82 and matures overnight which looks highly unlikely.

But, well who let the dogs out? No one. They ran off because someone stole the dog chains. It was a scam. That is what Gadkari has been upto. Kuchh Kari ya na Kari, Gadkari is roaming around with a compass, aimless and directionless. Maybe, his compass is pointing towards the extreme right and RSS. But, you just can’t fly with the right wing. You need both the wings to fly the plane. Meanwhile, high quantities of laxatives have been found in the Gad Curry, which has been the reason for BJP’s loosemotions.

My Name is Gadkari, and I am not a scamster.
My Name is Gadkari, and I am not a scamster.

The good thing about Kejriwal’s party is that it at least offers some alternative. They would have amendment to even probe the party high command, tickets would not be distributed by the high command, but would involve a lot of other people and not just a close group of elite decision makers, the party would shun dy-nasty politics, women and youth would play an important role among other factors have been stated by Kejriwal as the differentiating factors of the party. ‘Sounds’ good. Let’s see how it turns out to be in ‘practice’. Because, ultimately even the Aam Aadmi Party would end up having a close group of decision makers and a top-down approach. We’ll have to wait and see how they break the pattern.  Let’s see if ‘Congress’ ka haath would still be ‘Aam Aadmi’ ke saath.

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