You know what really stiffens my sinews? Pit bull. I’m not talking about the loveable animal that occassionaly mauls your neighbour’s children, but about something far worse.

This bald, suited-up dipwad calls himself a rapper. His sole contribution to music is his bassy mumbling of a few lines looped repeatedly to break the monotony of songs that consist primarily of catchy beeps and boops. His live performances are more awkward than a penis at a feminist convention.


… And yet for all my criticism, I will admit.. he simply works. Those few lines in his distinct deep voice blend so well with the catchy beeps and beats that the song simply works. He is like the male lead in a porn film. As an individual piece, simply uncared for by anyone watching and yet the movie is incomplete without his contribution.He might well be a flagbearer for both everything wrong with society as well as its contradictions. Much like chimpanzees at the zoo flinging poop at each other, he is for this reason, worth philosophical observation. Something tells me that if those chimpanzees could talk,
they’d be saying “Oh babay babay.. nanananananah”.
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