So a few days back I had a friend who wanted some advice for buying a phone, with a budget of 5,000 INR.
These were the criterions I threw at her for making sure she gets the money has to offer.

1. Operating System
These days, one of the most important things about a phone has become the OS(Operating System), even though there isn’t a lot you can demand in 5K budget range, there is a stiff competition.

Android is always the best, you have apps which you can always use to get almost the same services of a high end phone with Android. Not to mention What’sApp/Viber presence which means you can be part of the conversation, with everyone.

My pick for an Android phone in the 5K range would be :
1.S5302 Galaxy Y Duos Lite

2.MicroMax A56 Ninja 2

Symbian OS : Symbian is the original Nokia operating system, and it’s homely, extremely easy to use. And has What’sApp/Viber.

My pick for Symbian OS :
1.Nokia Asha 302

2.Nokia Asha 305

3.Nokia Asha 200

Bada OS : Is the low end Samsung OS, which is pretty basic, and doesnt have many apps (vs Android/Symbian) .
No WhatsApp/Viber. This OS is almost dead, not to mention, shit.

1.Samsung S5380 Wave Y

iOS is for rich people. You can’t get it for 5K. Ever. Apple is blaah.


2nd thing for 5K budget phone would be to make sure you have a memory card slot. With music being an essential part of a mobile buyer,she/he would need this. Not to mention memory for the pics you take on your phone, for the apps and best, for using phone, almost as a pen drive/portable memory if you carry your USB cable along.

3rd and one of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying a phone is MORE is ALWAYS better for Processor speed(600Mhz-1.2GHz) and with RAM. The more proc speed and RAM you have the better your phones performance will be. Strap on a great proc speed+high RAM with an Android and you are going to have a great device.

4th…make sure you know what you need in your phone. What your requirements are. If you need a torch in your phone, you’ll probably need a Nokia-Symbian phone, but if you get an Android with a flash(thus – torch) you can always get an app which will let you use the flash light of the camera as a torch light, that is a classic example of having a good OS/Android/iOS.

Also, these are my POVs. For me OS is most important, for people it might be something else.

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