Bombay band ‘the Koniac Net’ caught our attention recently by the music video they released for their song ‘This Time Around’ , we got a copy of the album to review, and it was a pleasure to do a review again after our last review of Modern Mafia which was FUN FUN FUN!

‘LIKE’ the Koniac Net

So we have ::
David Abraham: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jason D’Souza: Guitar & Vocals
Ishaan Krishna: Guitar & Vocals
Adil Kurwa: Bass
KarunKannampilly: Drums

But then in the album :
* All drums played by: ADITYA ASHOK
* Bass on “Divine Submersion” played by: ADIL KURWA
* Background Vocals on “Divine Submersion” + “Midnight’s Children (H.B.M.)”: EDEN SHYODHI


Spawning all the way from Bombay (India), “One Last Monsoon” was primarily recorded in the songwriter’s (David Abraham) bedroom – an apt environment for an album, which essentially sounds like a love letter to the Indie & Alternative genres from a boy who spends his time locked up in a room with his countless records.

Influenced by the Stills, Matt Pond PA, Swervedriver, Toadies, Tokyo Police Club, the Kissaway Trail, Smashing Pumpkins & the French Kicks, the debut album from The Koniac Net not only pays tribute to these artists, but is for all intent and purposes a mixed tape for the Indie music fan; a goodie bag in which the listener is rewarded each time they choose to reach in for something familiar but new.

The songs in the album are nice and stand out individually, together they are repetitive, there is no denying that.

This is not an album which I would play straight from its tracklist, it might bore me. Individually they stand out and are very enjoyable. Together they just might make you a bit drowsy.

We decided to do a capsulated review for each song, and giving a judgement together with a little more info later.

1 : (It’s Alright) Farewell

RW: The change in drift. Roughly the first half is empowering and controlling . Post half mark, there is this feeling of submission. The transition is mild and smooth. This song is totally going in my Favorites playlist.

2. Maggie (A Song for Brad)

RW: The warmness of this song. This is a song which can replace the last ‘glad to be with you’ scene in every original cast American Pie(The spin offs are blah).
It oozes of this pure friendship/yaari juice. A definite track to be in your car when you are with your friends going ahead to do some crazy shit.


3. This Time Around

RW:  Simplicity. This song. I don’t have much to say. But I have to say that this is one of the songs which defines the Koniac Net to me. Deep meaning.


4. Divine Submersion

RW: Again a really simple song. I don’t have much to say here.


5. Midnight Children

RW: One of my favorite songs on this album. A lot of different tones in this one.
I love the chorus where the pitches go high by Eden Shyodhi. A lot of feelings in this one too.

6. Demure

RW: The groove. A real nice song, which makes your body undulate.

7. Once, I Ruled By Myself

RW: Changes. Most of the songs in this album have been a tad bit repetitive, for me. This one is different. I am enjoying this song.
A nice ‘ooooh’ which I tried to imitate and failed horribly 😛

8. Simple

RW: As the song name suggests, it’s a simple song. Again a little too repetitive.

9. Bricks

RW: A song with a lot of melody. Again repetitive. Had to fast forwarded through this song.

10. Anesthetic & The Withdrawal

RW: This is another which is not repetitive. And I like it because of that.  This song makes my lazy head nod randomly cause this song is great. And comes close to being one of my favorites in this album.


 ‘LIKE’ the Koniac Net

Finally, this album is pretty good, even though together all the songs are repetitive, which the band lead had told us earlier that the Koniac Net draws tribute from a lot of bands, which we seem to find a bit too obvious, it shouldn’t be.
Individually it’s a different story, every song has an extremely deep meaning and you WILL enjoy them. Very few people won’t like the tracks in this album, or Koniac Net. It’s hard not to like this band and the music they have is something which makes you feel good at times and then at times makes you slip into deep thought. Very like-able. Although, for me, nothing stood out overall. But for a first album, it’s big. Some of the tunes on this album are very mature and are what certain bands achieve after two-three albums. Brilliant production and execution on the video of This Time Around.

We are waiting to hear more of the Koniac Net. A little variation would be welcome.
David Abraham:

Jason D’Souza:

Ishaan Krishna:

Krishna Jhaveri :

Karun Kannampilly:


‘LIKE’ the Koniac Net

PS: I don’t have to say this, but, the views expressed here are of MoZ writter TrollMaster, alone.
Just because we found it a certain way does not mean it IS that way. You might totally love the album, or think it’s nothing great. They are your views, and these are ours. If you do have something else in mind, do leave a comment below or shoot an email at admin(at)

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