The world is inside, not outside.
The world is inside, not outside.

Dear extrovert,

So you just got invited for a party? Go for it. But do notice that guy. There is someone standing right there. A guy struggling to introduce himself, while everyone is on a socializing spree. His handshakes and monosyllabic conversations follow a long awkward pause. He is lost in his own thoughts, rather uncomfortable with the whole concept of forced socializing. He is your average introvert.

But, sadly nothing can be done. The party looks like a cage. Well, the only thing that can be done is to get drunk and gradually make sense out of socializing. But then, it doesn’t work if you talk about how you had pre-conceived notions about curd. Yes, he had never tasted curd in his life. But, he used to think that curd is spicy. How would you know, if you have never really tasted it? But, such conversations don’t interest people.

All you can possibly ask then is a variation of such questions: ‘So what do you do?’ ‘Where are you from?’ ‘What kind of music do you listen to?’ And then when someone likes popular music, then what do you do? All you can say is, good stuff bro. Akon is sick. Akon needs to get baked, and then he’ll be known as Bacon for all you know! Snoop Dogg changed his surname to Lion, seriously. No kidding. Google it, if you want to. Why not Snoop Blobfish or Snoop Leafy Sea Dragon?

But the point is that these conversations are really superficial. Who are you? Do I even know you? Do you really act the way you are? Please don’t squeal while hugging me. These are the questions that keep popping up in the head, while trying your best to socialize. They bare it all. Their heart, their soul, themselves. That is the real form of conversation introverts have, but only with people they actually open up to. Opening up is not an easy process. But when it does happen, it happens towards certain people. At the most three. Or two, or just one. But even that one is more than enough.

I don’t claim that introverts are genuine in what they say. They can be politically correct or incorrect. But whatever they do, is with a sole reason. To distance themselves, for they love to stay in their own space. Or maybe, they define their space in a vague manner, that no one would really bother to peek in. Even if they want to, they’ll find it too vague. That is why that person you see in the party? Yes, him. He always talks about his pre-conceived notions about curd. How he thought it would be spicy before he tasted it, but it turned out to be bitter. And the mission is then successful. You find his space weird. You keep away from it. He stays in his shell at peace.

Your (not so) sincerely,

An introvert

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