They say you can lead your horse to the pond but you can’t make him drink the water.

As Indians, we’re told to question everything that we buy, borrow, beg for or steal. Every paisa is important when it comes to buying a product. Some say, the Indian psychology has evolved beyond the basic trickery of advertising. No soap bar is bought without a firm nod from all the neighborhood ladies.They say you can lead an Indian into a shop but you can’t make him buy your product. How you managed to sell not just an enormous number of milk packets but also an entire revolution, is beyond me.

Of course, being the father of the White Revolution has its own pressure. Keep the government happy. Keep the workers happy. Keep the consumers happy.  Keep the family happy. Keep the cows happy.  And despite it seeming like a daunting task, you managed to do effortlessly well and by 2011, India became the world’s largest milk producer.

In the late 1960s, when most Indians had just got their minds around to grasp the concept of global advertising, you walked bare into the battlefield with only a small girl child in tow. What began as a simple drawing, conceived to beat rival Polson’s butter girl, has now become a cultural landmark for an entire nation. Each event, controversy and scam is archived within the Amul advertising campaign. While most advertisers work their entire lives for those few seconds that you take to register their brainchild, Amul butter flows freely in every household fridge there is.

On the day of your sad demise, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the nation but mostly, for being a generously loving father to me, for being a visionary one at that, having charted out my life, my fame, my priorities.

I’ve always maintained that a man who dresses up his little girl in a red polka dotted dress is a man with style.


Utterly, butterly, truly,

The Amul girl




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