All work and no play makes Rocky Sawant a dull boy. We are often stuck in the cogwheels of our routine life. Seven A.M. waking up in the morning. Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs. Gotta sit on the toilet bowl, gotta have cereal and so on. Our schedules are pretty much like that of Rebecca Black, but thankfully our voices aren’t. Why do we go out for an extended vacation? To cut off all the materialistic ties, bows and blazers. Isn’t it? To not be in touch with anyone for four days so we can chill our balls off.

Looking at the same faces can be very boring, unless it is Penolope Cruz or the Hollow Man. But some people even suck at taking an off. Yes, they do. You are out on your vacations in Hawaii, constantly clicking photographs on your insanely smart phone and sharing them within seconds. “Here check out the toilet bowl of my hotel room. xoxo. I’m going to make love to it,” and update your statuses with it. Or upload a photo of the Amazongly Amazon forests while you are there, with an update “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, and my phone bills are amazingly cheap.” And, then you end up uploading kilograms of instagrams with more hash tags than a hash dealer.

Instead of enjoying it first hand, you constantly broadcast your life. Cutting off ties is the reason why we go out on vacations. It is absolutely fine to come back, spend some time with your cat and upload all your photos for the world to see. But, while traveling the perspective should shift between your own inner reflections and interaction with the new settings. And not from the perspective of the virtual world

Even if you travel to familiar places than unfamiliar ones, new things can be discovered every time you visit and revisit that same place. This could be far more fascinating than visiting a new place itself. When you walk down on the same road, you don’t have to force your mind to think of what possible directions to take. The mind can immerse in the deep thoughts without any such burdens. Only and only if we cut off ties and switch off our damn phones.

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