If you’ve been following the tech news lately, it is impossible for you to miss the epic Samsung v/s Apple trial. Apple has filed a case against Samsung for alleged violation of their patents, the Galaxy series in this case. Samsung is being sued for patent infringement in the federal court, allegedly for ‘closely imitating’ Apple iPhone and iPad.

Apple, of course is the market leader and sells 15 times more phones than Samsung [In Spite of the fact, that Samsung has phones for every segment, while Apple sells ONLY iPhones. Commendable.] It is the Usain Bolt of smartphones. But ‘bolts’ do get ‘screwed’. Don’t they? Well, precisely why Samsung has put forward its set of evidences and is leaving no turn unstoned, stone unturned to prove its point.

Well, there can only be one Harley Davidson. Right? No matter how much ever the others try to compete, they’ll still be ‘Hardly Davidson’. Apple had patented the pinch-and-expand-images technology which allows the users to reposition and rightsize the photographs. This has been infringed by more than twenty Samsung products! But Samsung claims that a user must scroll images with one finger, not two as in the case of Apple Products. Well, time will tell who’s showing the finger to whom.

The Key Issues at a glance.

Moreover, Apple claims that the iPhone and Galaxy look so similar that the customers might end up buying Samsung’s phone instead of its own. What the fuck? Why do you have the Apple logo at the back of the phone then? How can you get confused between Apple and the blue oval logo of Samsung? How? Even Charles Babbage, eating a cabbage who lived in the 1800’s can tell the difference between the two.Apple had made a presentation showcasing its patents to Samsung back in 2010, they were strategic partners. But this move by Samsung has broken the trust between the two companies. For now, the Judge has restricted the companies to twenty five hours of argument. Apple is at eleven-and-a-half hours, while Samsung has crossed twelve. Only time will tell who’ll win the case. The Indian moolah is pretty safe and increasing by the hour. Well, the lawyers are Desi.

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