FIRST THING :: 1Gb/s = 1GigaBits per second. Not 1GigaBytes per second.

No, Google doesn’t scam you. Don’t go all (img below), every ISP sells it’s packs by BITS only.





What this means ::

So, a Gb is 1/8 of GB, right. Since 1 byte = 8 bits, then 1/8 byte = 1 bit, then 1/8GB = 1 Gb.So at 1Gb per second, a 10GB file would take 80 seconds to download.

The most significant thing to note is that you’ll still download only as fast as a server can – over its ISP – serve a particular file (upstream speed).

/*—Multiple torrents though imagine the possibilities.—*/

Google Employees are getting





Google’s latest effort to make our lives more awesome, is gearing up to premier its crazy-fast Fiber service, starting with a trial market in Kansas City, USA. The service comes without monthly bandwidth caps or overages, and paid plans come bundled with 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage.

The promotional video for Google Fiber’s KansasCity debut points to average USA broadband speeds as a bottleneck in users’ experience of the web.

Just as the last few years have seen huge expansions in processor speed and storage capacity, Google proposes to multiply home internet connection speeds by 100. “Fiber offers up to 1,000 Mb/sec download and upload,” Google’s “About” page explains. So just to be clear, that means users will be able to download (or upload) an HD movie in as little as 7 seconds.

Google is offering three plans for pre-registration.

Anyone who pays a one-time $300 (16,571INR) fee (to cover home fiber-line construction) can have US-average broadband speeds free, guaranteed for at least seven years.

For $70 per month, users can upgrade to gigabit service. That’s the whole monthly price—no introductory rates that double after six months—and that includes the wifi-equipped Network Box. Google will even throw in 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage. Oh, and a two-year contract waives that $300 setup fee.

$840 to INR = 46,401 INR/year]

For $120 per month you get the “whole Google experience.” Again, the network box and 1TB on Google Drive come bundled; and a two-year contract still waives the fiber construction fee. But that $120/mo. will net you all this other stuff too:

  • A TV Box with “hundreds” of basic fiber channels (click here for the full list) to replace your cable service (Premium channels will be available as add-ons.)
  • On-demand movies and TV shows, plus out-of-the-box support for Netflix & Youtube.
  • A networked 2TB DVR “Storage Box” (That’s enough space for 500 hours of HD programming, and the TV Box can record up to 8 programs at a time.)
  • A totally free Nexus 7 tablet—your remote control for the TV box.

Residents in high-demand neighborhoods on both sides of the Kansas-Missourri border have 45 days to pre-register here. The rest of us will have to wait a while longer, although Google will all but certainly expand its fiber network to high-demand urban areas first. The packages listed above are residential only; business prices have yet to be announced. Would you ditch your current service for one of Google’s Fiber plans? Let us know in the comments.

It would seem that this service is way too awesome to touch India, but that’s not true. Google has mentioned that they will try and plan out Fiber network in India too. Obviously, first starting it in Bangalore, India. As of right now, we’ll just have to suck up to the ‘broadband speeds’ available.

Hopefully, the other ISPs understand what Fiber could do to them and provide us with better alternatives, for all you know, this might be the last decade of any other ISP than Fiber/Google.




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