The art of ‘commenting’ on posts, write ups, articles has absolutely lost its charm. A few smart witty comments here and there are now gradually on the decline. The problem is standardization of comments. ‘Dafuq did I just see?’ ‘Yaar, aap to Kela Khaao’ ‘ ‘I see what you did there’ ‘We’ve got a badass over here’ and so on. All the troll faces, right from the okay guy to the rage memes are all standardised responses to almost anything and everything. ‘Go make me a sandwich/sammich’ is a typical sexist comment. The variations hardly exist. And no I am not talking about ‘Go make me a Ragda Patties or Sabudana Khichdi’. Like Zombies we keep on commenting on things relevant and irrelevant with the same customary responses.

Where the hell is ‘YOUR’ voice? Not everyone is witty and surely not many people can think on their feet. And therefore these ready-to-throw-in-witty responses fill in the void, which are basically memes and response pages. People who can’t think anything witty, feel as if they’ve made a smart comment by posting a page link. Even those who were witty are now being pushed into partial paralysis. There is no push to the cerebral opening. To think the way we want to think or we would have liked to think.

A lot of these standardised replies are not really apt for every post. But they are used almost everywhere for everything. If something really awkward is used over and over again, it ceases to look awkward anymore. That is what happens when you post a random standard comment on a post where it not even apt. While some other responses are apt almost everywhere and anywhere. You can go ahead and write ‘True Story’ for almost anything. Or if you are a creative genius, you might use something like- ‘True fucking story’ or ‘True fooking story’.

Even the Hindi dubbed version of Terminator had a bit of originality. I remember the last shot in the dubbed version where, Arnold Schwarzenegger bids adieu and says ‘Asta La Vista La Pista baby’. And Linda Hamilton hands over some Pista to him.

True Story.

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