Meet Pammy – A chill down your spine.

In a shocking revelation scientists have discovered a talking skeleton, who calls herself Pammy. It was very difficult to find out her address. But, still I managed to write her a letter. She was sweet to send in a reply within four days!

Here  it goes, Pammy – the talking skeleton’s letter to MoZ writer Pun-Dit.

Dear Pun-Dit,

My love to all the readers out there. What do I say about myself? Hmm.  I am a skeleton. My name is Pammy. I just bought these brilliant skullcandy earphones. Bone Thugs and Harmony sound so good on it. My Niece wanted to buy some Bone China show pieces. So we visited the mall. The shopkeeper cried in utter glee ”Mera bony ho gaya! Pehla customer aa gaya”, followed by some silly skeletal moves. While my nephew just stared at the chicks and got a boner.

I was so bored. Grocery shopping is as disinteresting as Anna’s anatomy. But we had to buy – Boneville Dark Chocolate, a toothbrush and bone brush for my niece,a vertebrate calendar [Invertebrates follow a different one. Spineless Jerks! Yes I am a racist/bonist! whatever!] Calcium Sandoz and Bonevita.

It is not easy to escape materialism. I will have to watch a Nicholas Ripcage film. I will have to get my car’s Bonnet fixed. I’ll have to go to the mall. Buy Bonanas or Bonevita. Bone thing is for sure, that we are stuck.

Consumerism is ruining the entire skeletal existence. Boneless chicken, soft cartilage, invertebrates, bone marrow transplants. We are the victims of consumerism. We’re the bi-products of a lifestyle obsession. If you ‘marrow’ down on the fact, this is the bare truth of our existence.

Okay. I’ll see you later now. I need to get a Bone-a-fide done for my nephew. Bonejour!

With love,



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