Album : Crystal Moon

Artist : Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk

Newly formed Chennai band ‘Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk’ has been creating waves recently online with their first single, ‘Paloma’ from their debut album ‘Crystal Moon’. If you’ve not heard the song yet, you can hear it on their soundcloud channel. So far they’ve got more than 45,000 hits on their channel and 16,000 likes on facebook for that song.





‘Paloma’ is the song of the average bachelor’s plight in getting a late night drink in Chennai. Characteristically the band has sung it with a typical Tamil accent and includes a verse and the chorus entirely in Tamil. The song features the bands founders, Siddharth Kumar and David Simon on vocals. The band since has enlisted Neil Smith on drums (from Blues Conscience) and Adarsh Raghuram (Crypted) on bass. Moment of Zen had the rare opportunity to meet with the laid back band in the studio and shoot a live video session. We also got a copy of their brand new album, ‘Crystal Moon’ with 5 original tracks. Here is the band talking a bit about their album, where to get it and the video session we captured :



The band performed some of the songs from their album and a few covers. The first was ‘Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk’, named after the band.



The song is fast-paced with David even having a go at rapping, making it sound very  yester-year pop rock but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. This band doesn’t believe in sticking to any specific genre and hence even have a track in hindi in their album called ‘Tri-color disco’ which features Indian disco sounds with David and Siddharth’s vocals. Back in the studio, they performed a mashup of two very different songs, ‘Aicha’ by Outlandish and ‘The Real Slim Shady’ by Eminem. And you know what? They pulled it off. Very well in fact!



And to end the session, they performed the track ‘Crystal Moon’, named after the album. While they performed a heavier version live for us, the version from the album is laid back and features bongos, acoustic guitar, a slow solo and David’s clean vocals.



Altogether Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk are are very fresh and fun and definitely deserve a listen. If you want to get their album, you can contact the band members, David and Siddharth. You can like and follow them on facebook and listen to them on soundcloud.



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