Deep in the jungles of Maharajganj, lived a baby elephant. He would constantly run around in the grass, playing in the fields. He met the baby tiger Piara, who had a petite weak voice. They would run across the grasslands, wanting to grow up. They would meet at six in the morning everyday to practice ‘growing up’. The baby elephant would always get a pair of fallen branches along. He would then try to attach the branches to its face, such that they form huge tusks of a grown up elephant. The baby tiger would practice loud roars, and wished that he could roar like his father some day.

One day, the bad people came [They call them poachers]; and brutally killed the Father elephant and took away those majestic tusks. The baby elephant returned to a melancholy home. The father elephant lay dead in front of him. They took away his respect, those tusks and left him to die alone in misery. The baby elephant visited the Animal Church and cried the whole night. He wanted to know who were those bad people, and why did they do this to his father?

The baby elephant took the plunge and stepped out of Maharajganj to the ‘outskirts’ of Uttar Pradesh, to find out who these bad people were. He was greeted with loud frenzied people trying to run away. Trying to beat him up with sticks. He was bruised and helpless. The baby elephant’s gaze suddenly fell on another giant elephant standing still on a platform. He ran towards the stranger elephant for help. He tried to explain the elephant what brought him here. But the giant elephant wouldn’t speak. The elephant stood still. The baby elephant had bruises on his back. Strangers beating up a small helpless ‘child’.

But he knew that this giant elephant would definitely help him in finding his father. Because he could see his father in this elephant. He could sniff and feel the majestic tusks of his father on his body. But it was too late. The baby elephant was brutally killed by the villagers.

He was not wrong. It was indeed his father. An elephant made of Ivory [made out of elephant tusks]; gifted by the Tehsildaar of the Gram Panchayat to Behenji Mayawati. An elephant was killed and another resurrected. Life reduced to a mere election symbol, and not a memorial built in the remembrance of his dead father.


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