Mumbaiya band ‘Modern Mafia’ were really excited about their new EP “Random Sheep” when we spoke to them about it!
And they should right fully be so too. Putting out an EP is no joke, and then expecting the feedback is whoaa.
But Modern Mafia does not need to worry, at all.
The songs are catchy and pleasant, very 90s pop/rock. Could totally imagine my favorite track of the EP ‘Whokay!’ being one of the OSTs of the first American Pie.
A little about the EP- 
The EP Random Sheep, puts on display our journey as a band to find our sound. Each song stands           on its own and represents a musical phase that we have gone through. 

The track list of Random Sheep EP with the bands description, then a line about what I love in that song.

1. Arnie

– Originally written as an inspirational theme song for the cricket world cup, Arnie got a make over in 2011 which turned out to be an energetic song which will make you want to jump around and get you feeling like Mr Schwarzenegger.

What I love
: Tightness. I want to jump around and head band. Also, the random Arnold Schwarzenegger grunts everywhere make me giggle.

2. Whokay! 

– Here is one of the first tracks we had ever written as a bunch of friends back in 2009. A peppy, feel good song that reminds you not to let girls get you down.
What I love : Everything about this song. This song takes me back to the late 90’s – early 2000’s when all the epic college/high school movies were actually good, and had a bigger meaning than just sex/booze/klpd.
I would like if song played in the background in a scene with a couple of friends sitting on a terrace with doobies/smokes/pints and just chilling.

3. Daylight 

– Written back in 2010, Daylight is a modern day love song highlighting how one person can make you feel like you can achieve anything. If not, it at-least gets you laid!
What I love : A typical pop/rock-ish love song. The song is well paced and smooth. Some good bass work in this. Not a great song from any angle, but it’s certainly been a while since some one has made
these nice pop/rock-ish feel songs (except JYG/TCOH and few others)

4. FX or Nothing 

– Composed in 2012 as an instrumental journey from calm to chaos and back

What I love
: Whatte mature,  introspective sound! With no vocals, I did miss that voice, but the over all NICE|BOLD feel of the song told me all the four members are still present in every second of the song.

You need HAVE to check these guys out live! They dress up Gangster, they dare to impersonate Arnold and The Zohan, and I am pretty fucking sure, these guys have truckloads of fun making the music they make.

Modern Mafia are four close friends, and that shows in the gigs and music!

The English Indie Pop/Rock band from Mumbai features ::

Varun Das on vocals and guitars
Varun Das on vocals and guitars

Karun Kannampilly on drums

Ishaan Krishna on lead guitars and backing vocals

Krehl Gonsalves on bass and backing vocals
Krehl Gonsalves on bass and backing vocals.

With each band member coming from diverse musical backgrounds and influences, they create catchy music that is relatable, fun and easy to get.

With their first single “Arnie” from their upcoming EP “Random Sheep” due to debut by Mid of 2012 going viral with great response, Modern Mafia has definitely arrived. Modern Mafia are a bunch of four dapper, talented, eccentric/bad boys who make brilliant music. What you gonna do when they come for you?

The band was in the run up to open for Metallica’s disastrous concert in Gurgaon last year, and recently launched its maiden EP, Random Sheep, at High Spirits in Koregaon Park on Sunday, April 8.
Super awesome ModernMafia – Daylight(Music Video)

The EP is currently available on Modern Mafias facebook page for streaming and physical copies are available at their gigs with the option of “pay as much as you like”

You can stream all the four songs mentioned on bandcamp :

Like Modern Mafia on Facebook

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