Last weekend, two of my friends and I decided to hang out with more people (the kind we know, but don’t really ‘know’, especially those who’ve made it to our phone contact list) and hence started the Project 52: A random person per week, to erm, ‘chill with’. After our first successful session with the random person (And no, that’s not what she said), we came up with a list of people, dead/alive/hypothetical who would be the best candidates for our project. So here are the top 7 people we would love to hang out with! (in random order)

Bud #1: George Carlin

Chill Skill: The Philosoraptor

Perfect for a Sunday barbeque near the pool followed up with some beer, this man will inspire you to fry eggs and volunteer at mid-day-meal kitchens in order to solve your existential crisis. Too bad the guy’s not around any more.

Things to talk about: Religion, Global Warming, Mayans, life in general.


Bud #2: Tony from Walk Off the Earth (first from right)

Chill Skill: The Beer’d buddy

Everybody needs a hairy friend who doesn’t really care about mundane things such as posing for photographs. If you want an evening full of cynicism and sarcasm, this beardy is the no-nonsense friend you have always been searching for.

Things to talk about: Fosters vs UB vs Tuborg, kids these days.


Bud #3: Dalai Lama

Chill Skill: The Daddy Cool

If incase you are an inquisitive hobo who leaves college to travel around India with a backpack and are ready to sweep floors at Auroville or make handicrafts at Dharamshala to get over some materialistic issues, then this wise man is the one to hang out with.

Things to talk about: Destroying credit cards, Tibet, meaning of  life.


Bud #4: Syddharth Mate

Chill Skill: The DSLR mate

Whether it is for the sole purpose of getting a dramatic profile picture or for having a bud on the IIT-B campus, Syddharth Mate will be the best exposure you can get in social media. Having chai on the footpath and chilling is twice the fun when you can get a picture clicked of it by Mate himself. If you make it to his blog, bro, you are legend.

Things to talk about: 50 mm lens, changing the system.


Bud #5: Fiddler’s Green (band)

Chill Skill: The Scene

Take four talented Bongs and put them in a beautiful room with an olive wall full of photo frames. Add some sausages, some booze, give one of them a Mandolin and some nice hats. Calculate the amount of fun to be had upto 3 decimal points. (the only constant being gravity g=9.8m/s2) Old Hindi music coupled with their ‘adda’ has made them the most chiller band ever. Plus, one of the band members is called ‘Ludo’ (“Ludo khelbee?”). How many more subminal messages do you need?

Things to talk about: Music, NOMNOMNOM, Mamata Didi, NOMNOMNOM, Johnny Walker


Bud #6: Kony

Chill Skill: The Most Wanted

A suitable explanation will only cause further (mindless) debate. Though, with the whole world on the lookout for him, chilling in India with a bunch of college go-ers does not seem like such a bad idea.

Things to talk about: Invisible Children, Youtube, social media, Barkha Dutt.


Bud #7: Hannibal Lecter

Chill Skill: The Psycho-analysis

Only a spine-chilling conversation later will you realize that you should’ve thought this through.

Things to talk about: Human instinct, Noida serial killer, Monkeyman incident


If only we had a chance at not calling this list hypothetical, life in general would have been exponentially easier. Have a good weekend!



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