A dolphin popped out of the Marijuana desert. Red eyes. Everlasting grin. The dolphin started looking out for a rotating spiral or a visualization screen. Right next to Mount Kilimanjaro, the oozing lava was her visualization screen. Dolphin met the Giraffe at the mountain. Both of them would stare. They would hallucinate. Eyes stuck on the lava, the patterns it formed. Gradually, the Giraffe started believing it were a penguin. It wrapped up its legs and began sliding through the desert. The sky was falling. It was a Mirage. The stars were blue and violet.

A delusional shooting star shot down with legs and hands, and a face devoid of nose. The star was made of Mayonnaise. A tired star, mayonnaise dropping off its sleeves. Meanwhile, the lava started creating spiral formations. Giraffe and the Dolphin stared at the spiral. They were Spiral eyed, going deeper and deeper within. Eyes broad open, staring at the star. The Dolphin took a giant leap in the sky and dipped itself in the star mayonnaise. The star gently shut its legs and hands and barged into the sky. The Giraffe stared at the star. Giraffe caught one of its legs. It flew away with the Dolphin. The star zipped past the milky way. Dolphin dunked in the mayo. It realized that milky way is white because of the excess amount of Mayonnaise.

A trip through the Milky way. They were flying over Jupiter. It had rings and active volcanoes, erupting colorful lava. The oozing lava became their visualization screen. Dolphin and the Giraffe would stare. They would hallucinate. The Giraffe believed it were an ostrich. It dipped its face in the Lava and died. Stung by a bee, it woke up. Pricked by a thorn, it grasped that everything was a Mirage. Slapped by the penguin amidst the desert, it realized it was an illusion. The next day it woke up, and it realized that it was me.

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