Prominent Coin MintsSo, recently I visited Corporation Bank Notaphily and Numismatic Museum in Udupi which was inaugurated only last year. And I found something very startling.

Have you ever wondered where a coin came from? All that jingling noise in your pocket? Maybe, a random man across the street gave it to a bartender in exchange for a peg of Old Monk. Who knows? We constantly use coins while buying a commodity, without actually giving much thought to it. It is easy to find out if a coin was produced in Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, U.K., London or South Korea. This can be done by studying mints. Not Mentos or Polo. But a distinguishing process called ‘coin minting’ which explains us where the coin was made.

Now, search for a coin. Got it? Yes, now search for that portion of the coin, where the YEAR is mentioned. In some, it’ll be in the tails while in others it will be heads up. Now pay attention to the small marks on the coins, beneath the part where the year is mentioned. If a coin has a small dot or diamond mint mark under the date of the coin, it is Mumbai mint, i.e., the coin has been produced in Mumbai. The Hyderabad Mint has five pointed star and the Noida mint a small or a thick dot under the date of the coin.

Only the coins produced in Kolkata would have no mint marks beneath the date of the coin. That is one factor that differentiates it from all the other coins. Initially the mints were set up by the Brits in the seventeenth and the eighteenth Century. Today, four mints exist in India viz, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Noida. Out of which, Mumbai and the Calcutta mints are the oldest.

Gah. With all that corruption, sometimes the politicians keep ‘minting’ money. Now you know where the term ‘minting’ money came from. But yeah, sometimes there is a shortage of coins, so the Government gets a hold of foreign mints. The Seoul mint has a Five Pointed Star under the date of the coin. Similarly, there is Royal Mint in London, Seoul Mint in South Korea, Heaton Press in U.K. and Royal Canadian mint in Ottawa.

It took about twelve years for that coin to reach me. The coin that I tossed up in the air while playing a match. It was actually made in Seoul in 2000. So, if you collect coins; have a closer look at them and try finding out where they came from. Scroll up to the table at the top of the write up and start searching for the ‘signs’.

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