So today I was sitting in a car with one of my friends. My friend had two of his other friends in the car too. I was in the backseet. It was a 2004 Innova. The guy sitting next to the driver wasn’t my friend. Since there was no good music on the radio, the guy next to the driver started playing music on his iPhone. I hate those bastards. The name of the song he played was “Gabru” and it was by this new guy J-Star and featured well known celebrities such as Honey Singh. Now I feel that these new age rappers from outside India getting influenced by the level of sexual deprivation that we see in rural india and making profound music out of it is the greatest cultural mash-up in ages or maybe it is just another side of NRI India. Anyway, it is the same; a wannabe rapper talks about his thirst for females in one song and in the other someone tries out for an anti-dope campaign. Yeah, they say music is everywhere. Apparently ‘they’ didn’t look under the cupboard of creative intellect where the cockroaches of needy popularity and mediocre fundamentalism reside.


Gone are the days when you could watch Daler Mehendi with some really crazy attire singing to old school midi generated monotones over a stagnant bhangra beat that was almost the same in every song.  Daler was the Black Sabbath of the shaadi(marriage) dance music scene in northern India. Now what you get is an Eminem impersonator who glows with a radiation that proclaims that if you got the money , you got everything except a woman and this absence of a woman is the only thing that is on your mind and because you can’t get her you will sing provocative songs about how she should become a slave to you. This is achieved by lyrics that initially brag on about the beauty of the girl though in highly sexual terms which is followed by some strange adjectives personifying the boy-girl relationship.

Magar tumhe toh sirf mujhse sex hi chahiye na.


This is what the future might hold. The north western part of India moves on from agriculture. This is what a farmer will say “Fuck the soil, fake DC shoes are the deal right now, maan”. Maybe a new subculture will come out of this. Maybe it will evolve , maybe it will get suckier. The only thing I know is that Vancouver called , they said they want their Indians back.




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