Sir, there is a hole in your brain. The juices are oozing out and falling on the floor. Nurse, please pass me the stethoscope, I need to check the brain beats. This guy was listening to Armin Van Buuren. Check the beats and tell me quickly. Do I speed up the trance? Oh my! What a mess! Sir, please try to recollect when was the last time you saw the cap of your brain? We have to find it and bottle it up.

Nurse! Incision please! Oh my! Sir? What have you been upto? What were you thinking throughout your life? Your Medulla Oblongata is too narrow. You can probably accomodate other religions and live-in relationships. I’ll write that in the prescription. It will broaden your brain. Also exercise a bit. Your cerebrum is a little fat. Not because you are brainy, but because of cholestrol. Clean it with a thread across your ears. We call it thread-mill for the brain. Stop spending on those expensive parties, where you throw away half of the wasted food. The Cholestrol is also because of Butter Chicken. For those of you who keep on asking why did Chicken cross the road? It actually didn’t. It slid across the road because it was covered with butter. Avoid butter Mister! Cholestrol is high.

You can also practice some Growlarian Route. Here you look towards your ‘left’. Facing the opposite direction; with capitalists at your back. Mind you, I won’t be responsible for any incidents of back stabbing. Here, I am prescribing these two capsules. Take them twice a day and you will be alright. Also, keep your brain open to other ideas by pulling out the cap of your skull. So your brain is rust-free. I am sure these exercises will help you. Nurse, transfer him to the intensive care unit. We need to work on his left brain. His logic is fucked up.





This is a two or three part series on how to bring about a change in the mindset of people who are too narrow minded.
Of course with a lot of pun and sarcasm.





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