Almost 4 and a half years, after the release of the last book, trivia regarding the series is still managing to make international news. The latest has come in an interview (with Daniel Radcliffe) where Rowling admitted, “Funnily enough, I planned from the start that none of them would die. Then midway through, which I think is a reflection of the fact that I wasn’t in a very happy place, I started thinking I might polish one of them off. Out of sheer spite.”

One might wonder, what would have happened if she had gone ahead with the thought.  Surely, the pleasure of seeing Ron feeling jealous with Harry once his name appeared in the Goblet of Fire, and the romantic ‘So close, yet so far’ angle that he had with Hermione would have gone. Not only that, Ron was pivotal in introducing a range of characters in the form of  The Weasley Family. (We don’t exactly know what she means by ‘midway through’, so we’ll just think it was the fourth book.)

There is debate in general, over Rowling’s decision to reveal this- and while some are heaving a sigh of relief, some are accusing Rowling of trying hard to stay in the news. A logical deduction though, would be that Rowling probably said it to reveal something new and candid about the series. Probably, she must have been bored of saying the same things in all the interviews.

Various reactions have come from the celebrities related to the HP universe, the most interesting of which is from Rupert Grint himself. In an interview to MTV News at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, he said: “When the last book came out, there was a lot of hype about one of me, Emma or Dan dying—which I was quite up for, to be honest,”



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