Writing the first post on Moment of Zen has its own pressure, I have noted, after extensive mind-regurgitating on topics of my interest and of course, back-spacing the invalid cheesy opening lines more than a dozen times. After all, sitting on the fence between something genuinely cool enough to share with the world and well, something that is not, is hard. (Sitting on a fence is hard, in general. A pointless activity that may cause lower back pain, but what can I say?)
That apart, for my first post on the site, I decided to make a list of mind blasting videos that will make your Sunday trip over and fall for itself. I’ve never been one of those file-sharing, soul-searching, music loving hippies but these five were born to be shared, so here we go:


At number 5, we have Tom Vek’s ‘Aroused’, a video that must NOT be watched incase you are planning to quit smoking for good. But oh, what lighting. And oh, what a lovely font.

At number 4, we have Birdy Nam Nam’s ‘Parachute Endings’. With the opening sequence that reminds you of the 90s animation days (The BOTS master, anyone?) this track will make you call up your kabaddi-chuddie buddies and tell them how great this is.


At number 3, we have Blackbird Blackbird’s ‘Pure’ which is basically made for stoners. It cannot, not be. Also, this can cause fits, so be sure before you hit play. The sound ranges from what can be played at a rave party to what you’d want to listen to on a long drive, cross-country.


At number 2, we have Modestep’s ‘To the Stars (Break the Noize & The Autobots remix) , a great video with mind blowing shots and even greater drops. Being epic at so many levels should be made illegal.


And finally,

At number 1, we have Blockhead’s ‘The Music Scene’ (Animated and Directed by Anthony F. Scheppard). This video has got to be the best thing I have seen in the past few months with its extensive animation and fantastic flow of the storyline with the sound. This video takes puking rainbows to a whole new level.


So folks, this Sunday, buffer all the videos, kill time, come back, close the lights, play full screen at 720p with the volume blaring and get ready to puke tiny rainbows.

Have a good weekend!

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