This is NotSrijan here. This is for all the trip/sleep/music fans out there, or any combination thereof. Guess it has all of you covered. We’ve all found that some music is awesome to listen to as you fall asleep, and some music gives you trippy dreams and better sleep (better used VERY loosely.) This is my list of my favourite albums to listen to as I sleep, and it includes the very best.

Things to know:

The order ranges from softer music to weird, trippier stuff, find what you like. It’s not a ranklist of any sort. Of course there are omissions, I’ll be happy if you could contribute!

Everything here can be heard on Youtube/Grooveshark, and I recommend the latter.

Set your PC or whatever to auto-power off or something. Save electricity 😛

And for your sake DO NOT use earphones, just use them once to find out why I insist.

15. Damnation: Opeth

Opeth is progressive death metal, this album is without the ‘death’ part. Opeth have employed a bluesy tone and lots of ambient usage of the keys. Add Akerfeldt’s vocals and you have Damnation, Opeth being just as awesome, and not at all heavy.

Favourite Track: Windowpane. The solo. The solo tone. THAT TONE.

14. In Today Already Walks Tomorrow – Sleepmakeswaves

Sleepmakeswaves is made up of great post rock, three musicians and very long song titles. This is how post rock is right now, and isn’t it beautiful?

Favourite Track : One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears. Seriously, that’s the title. And it’s stuck in my head. The song, not the title.

13. Far From Refuge – God Is An Astronaut

GIAA makes great instrumental music that relies on sounds as much as instruments. This is a brilliant album from the band, ambient as well as catchy.

Favourite Track : Sunrise in Aries. GIAA at their best. You barely notice the changes here, as it hits you and leaves you with awe in its wake.

12.Electric Tears – Buckethead

Why would one of the fastest guitarist feature on this list? Well, why would someone wear a bucket and a mask and use a hand puppet for interviews? Buckethead’s aura is only enhanced by the fact that he can make some of the deepest ambient guitar-based music ever. This album is proof.

Favourite Track: Electric Tears. It’s hard to imagine he came up with something like this. It’s harder not to like it.

11. The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place – Explosions In The Sky

Explosions’ brand of post-rock has always struck me as simpler, with fewer elements. None of that subtratcs from the sheer beauty of this album that got me started on them

Favourite Track : First Breath After Coma. Also gets the award for most fitting songtitle ever.

10. Blackfield – Blackfield

Blackfield is Steven Wilson’s project with Aviv Geffen. Steven Wilson instantly makes things awesome. This is like the ballad-y Porcupine Tree. It focuses much more on vocal melody than PT’s ambient approach, and it does that well. It is kind of sad at times and the songs are about love lost and all that. And yet it somehow dodges being sappy.

Favourite Track : Blackfield. A really simple track, and really well done too. Wilson shines on the vocals, and I simply love the outro.

9. Loveless: My Bloody Valentine

Loveless frequently tops the lists of best shoegaze albums and you see why. This sound has not been duplicated by anyone, and it has been perfected by MBV.

Favourite Track: Only Shallow. The best example of the dreamlike sound I’ve not heard elsewhere.

8.Souvlaki – Slowdive

Slowdive is the kind of band name that makes you think it’s dreamy and trippy and it’s all true. Souvlaki is a really good album, the songs are very relaxing, and the vocals seem perfect

Favourite Track : Alison. Dreamy, very dreamy. Very awesome.

7. Raise – Swervedriver

I was introduced to this band by RoadRash (yes, that one.) Raise had a grungier shoegaze sound than the other bands of the era, and I loved every bit of it. Very underrated band with very trippy sound.

Favourite Track: Rave Down. Everything about this track is lazy and laidback, from the vocals to the guitars. In the best way possible.

6. Fear Of A Blank Planet : Porcupine Tree

Wilson makes his second appearance with my favourite PT album. What is not to love? Most of you have heard this one already. If you haven’t, GO!

Favourite Track: Way Out Of Here. If the chorus and the solo don’t get stuck in your head on the first listen, get a new head.

5. Animals As Leaders – Animals As Leaders

I happened to find this band on Youtube and was instantly spellbound. There are lots of bands these days that manage to be deep without having lyrics and AAL shows you that. Really tight, and really well done. This one’s a gem.

Favourite Track : Tempting Time. AAL show you that they can be fast and hard but that’s not what they’ll use to impress you 😉

4. A Lullaby For The Devil – Deadsoul Tribe

Deadsoul Tribe make amazing music and should be more famous than they are. A Lullaby is a brilliant progressive album, with flutes mixed with harder stuff very well. Probably one of the first uses of the instrument I’ve heard in this way.

Favourite Track: The Gossamer Strand. This is the rollercoaster ride everyone ought to like, and this is where the flute shows you what all it can do.

3. Mezzanine – Massive Attack

Massive Attack showed some dark undercurrents with this 1998 album, departing from the cheer of Blue Lines et al. And the result was beautiful. Dark and beautiful. But then, not every trip has to be happy.

Favourite Track: Teardrop. This one’s simply beautiful. Is is one of their most recognised tunes with Unfinished Sympathy and for good reason. Very deep. Also happens to be the House MD title theme. And House is awesome, right?

2. Requiem For A Dream OST – Clint Mansell

Movie Soundtrack? Hell yes. Clint Mansell’s best work (with The Kronos Quartet) starts off with light movement ‘summer’ , descends into the darker ‘winter’, and hits you HARD with Lux Aeterna. Thomas Newman gave this a tribute in The Two Towers OST. Long listen but worth it.

Favourite Track: Lux Aeterna. Deeper than years’ worth of pseudo-intellectual movies.


1A. Lateralus – Tool

The article title has trippy in it. Few things can be as trippy as Justin Chancellor’s bass with Danny Carey’s drums. And Adam Jones and Maynard James Keenan? Tripmetermalfunction. This has given me some of the most radical dreams ever, it’s almost a drug.

Favourite Track :
Lateralus. If drugs have a ‘critical dose’ you need to take to get hit, this album has this fourth track.

1B. Jane Doe – Converge

Trips don’t have to be happy and good and make you dream nice things about the time you first looked into her eyes. I for one just as well enjoy darker things, and this borders on black. This album blows you away. Every single time.Everyone should realise how awesome Converge are. This album hits you in places you didn’t know existed, never have I heard this sound before. Also, you cannot listen to much else after this album for a while. 2001’s Terrorizer Album of the Year. Deserves more like a decade.

Favourite Track : Jane Doe. The hardest, darkest ten-minute hit of the most soul-stirring music. Doesn’t get better. Never will.


Any ISIS album deserves to be in the top 5 of this list. I will not be the one to name their best, but you could start with 20 minutes / 40 years off Wavering Radiant and never look back.

That was my list. Feel free to add your own. Sweet dreams.

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