What can 60K USD = 30L INR(@ 1USD=49.45INR) buy you? A modest flat in the suburbs of B’lore, two helpings of Chef Marc Guilbert’s pudding (I bet you’d Google that now), an actress on a date (really?), a rather plain BMW 3 series? Lo and behold! You can have DC’s latest Supercar for that very same price!!!

The Avanti(the mini Aventador!), best described a Peedika Sadukone (;) in a bikini (a scorching red one at that))! It (the car ;))’s a monster…240 BHP – your average Honda City x 2…which means you can have your girlfriend’s hair doing a handstand and keep it that way right till you drop her back home! 366 Nm of torque! If you thrust that kind of a torque on a see-saw…you’d send your partner half way to the moon!

Top 5 reasons to choose to compare the Avanti to Peedika Sadukone:

1)      All the right curves – nothing more nothing less

2)      Stunning power to weight ratio (;)) (0.08)

3)      Can fit anyone’s pocket – be it Ranbir Kapoor or Siddarth Mallya (:O)

4)      Beautiful from all angles

5)      1,560 kilos – must have been on a stringent (a strictly stringent diet routine)

Enough said! I am not particularly a DC fan but this one really needs an applaud – I mean who would believe that this in ‘skeleton’ (:P) is a 10 lac Corolla!!!  Now don’t ask me about the dolled up Amby (Amberoid) – it’s 4 crores, not a rupee less and not one bit an Amby! The eye looks like the R8’s female cousin and the back, like that of a Veyron.


     Hey which way do you drive this again? This side has got headlamps (I think) so must be front.



I dare you to looks at me straight- Into my eyes (wait a minutes..those aren’t my eyes..(*blush *blush))



That separator would be bit of a hassle( if you know what I mean ;)!

Sad, this guy is limited to a mere 250 kmph – comes with Euro6 ready 2 litre, twin camshaft, variable valve timing, turbochrged, fuel injected mill from Ford, a six speed manual or a six speed Powershift gearbox, 330mm disks AP Racing Callipers all this at 1,560 kilos…unbelievable!

So folks keep your change handy only 300 units are to be produced. Grab yours before stock runs out (they are supposed to ‘run’ out aren’t they?).

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