These are some cool inventions you guys need to look at.


LED showers that changes colour according to the temperature. You won’t have to rely on your sense of feeling again!


This is pretty cool. A vegetable peeler that collects the peeled skin. Like those pencil sharpeners.


Now this is something that should have come out 20 years ago.


Ninja Umbrella. OH HELL YES!


A chair that folds out into a ladder. Nice.


Digital measuring cup. This will make a lot of people happy.


Cos, C’mon!, you can’t get up in the middle of a game to make lunch.


A pop-out grill. That’s all I have.


Toothbrush buddies!


Yo’ll never be alone again.


You’ll never feel clean after a shower with this


This is just awesome. No more forgetting ways to save the planet!


This is really cool. Just hope it doesn’t get stuck in there.


For all those times you wanted to eat your cereal while driving


This is pretty nice. You can’t use it in India, but whatever.


This is some incredible design work.

Why didn’t someone think of this 100 years ago?

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