Goddess Gagged is a Mumbai,India based band, and it has been making quite a glorious racket lately.

This review is about the album, Resurfaces, so we’ll stick to the album only.

Resurfaces:: Goddess Gagged

When you get the album, you don’t only get an

  1. audio CD, you also get
  2. a sticker and
  3. a badge
  4.  a poster!
    That makes us happy. Real happy.

Not only because its more stuffz!1!! but that maybe only a handful of bands in India do this. Usually they just throw a CD at you @ the same price as this or maybe a little less.

Coming back to the band, Goddess Gagged is quite possibly the only Progressive Post -Hardcore band in India. And since the time I had heard ‘Dreamer‘ and ‘Visionary‘ about a year back, I knew that these guys are going to deliver well.
This album is a real fucking treat. It has its pluses and minuses, but more pluses than minuses.

Some people are calling this metal, but trust me this isn’t metal. The new age hardcore is screaming everywhere in this album. It has this incredible high which makes you feel like you just shot a person really close
to you for being an ass hole and you are walking back in the rain #FilmlySpeaking. I mean IF there is a scene like that, I would like this to be its bkgrnd score.
But fuck. These guys really have an international sound. And some people seem to have a problem with it. I’d tell them to shoo off. And if you listen to the songs a couple of times, you’ll notice a mild Indian influence, though it seems like an unconscious intention from the band’s side. I wouldn’t call it polished, but that’s cause they don’t want it to be polished, and it’s best this way.

The guitaring and drumming are wormy, they get into your head like a worm and take a while to leave.  And with those vocals of Siddharth Basrur, you would be more satisfied than after having multiple orgasms-multiply.

There are 7 tracks on the album::

1. Modern Machines
2.Rosemary’s Baby
6.Sink or Swim
7.Preliminary Stage of the Master Plan

Out of the tracks Dreamer and Visionary are my favorites. And this version(CD) is way better than what I had heard an year back. The songwriting – lyrics both are b-e-a-utiful.

Sink or Swim is another favorite, they released a music video on it too which is attached below. The video as well as the song are fucking good. I actually like the video a lot, again one of the few bands
which has kept a video which is relatable to sound the band makes. It has a unpolished and post-hardcore look-exactly like the band.

We think the young Indian band fan would enjoy this a lot. And thats a good market to tap into.

Album rating : 4.5/5

Rating :: 4.5 / 5







Where actually Resurfaces loses is that there are way too many different elements, but it does mix together really-really well.

A big ThumbsUp to GoddessGagged for the successful release of their first studio album, and over that it being so fucking epic.

It’s on loop, bro.


About Goddess Gagged:

Progressive Post-Hardcore
Siddharth Basrur – Vocals
Arman Menzies – Guitar / VocalsDevesh Dayal – Guitar / VocalsKrishna Jhaveri – BassJeremy D’souza – Drums
Mumbai, India
Cast away your tried and tested alt rock flavorings, and find a new home in the atmospheric, prog-laden abyss that is Goddess Gagged, initially a three piece showcase of Bombay’s youngest rock talent and now a full fledged five-piece behemoth. Breathing in influences from all cross sections of nineties rock/metal following up to present day prog kings like Karnivool and Porcupine Tree, these five fantasists find cohesion within layers of intricate guitar work, crushing rhythms, solid bass lines and moody atmospherics worthy of the darkest nights of solitude.
Current Location
Protest The Hero
Porcupine Tree
Between the Buried and Me
Dance Gavin Dance

Catch Goddess Gagged here ::





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