It’s that time of the home console life cycle, folks. We’ve already seen the first contender unveiled, now all manner of baseless conjecture about the next two ones is going to be rolling downhill, as these things will. It doesn’t help that one of the peddlers of the tidbits of non-news is AMD, who in a bid to raise its flagging profile has come out with the following scintillating scoops.

It turns out he Xbox 3 will sport Avatar-level graphics and new AI routines will enable every member of a large population to have its own personality and unique traits. We just wonder how long their PR took to come up with the Avatar comparison, which is absolutely perfect in both lavishness and pandering to the lowest common denominator. Avatar, you don’t say? Whatever next, PS4 visuals that look as good as Titanic?

Source: August issue of OXM (U.S.)

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