The internet is awash with rumours of a new social networking service from Microsoft, pointing to The site has since been pulled by Microsoft, who called it an internal design project.Fusible managed to pick up some screenshots however of what seems to be codenamed Tulalip, a sort of social search and sharing service.

The domain name is obviously inspired by ‘social’, and is reportedly owned by Microsoft. might very well turn out to be the social search counterpart of There are also rumours pointing to Microsoft purchasing A Whois registry search and a DNS lookup for indicate Microsoft owns the URL.

The image has since disappeared. Later, the website displayed only a message stating that is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the Web. “We didn’t mean to, honest,” the message reads.

We can’t stop wondering if the exposure of Tulalip on really an accident, as Microsoft claims, or is it really part of a wily marketing campaign to stir up interest in Microsoft’s offerings and take some of the attention away from Google+?

Featuring Twitter and Facebook sign in options, the Tulalip site was not actually operational for the short while it was up. The Twitter login however revealed some proposed features of what Tulalip, acting like not so new Twitter client. Okay Microsoft, we believe you – it was an experimental cloud application, but we are waiting for what you will actually pull out of the proverbial hat in the coming days.


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