Update(July 21)

: The Butterscotch Mousse Cake we review below, which was available only on a short trial run of which we were part of, has been approved! And has been added to their permanent menu! Woohoo!

A MoZ-styled-food review regular has been in demand by a few kids(mostly -> Divij X Kinger) on our facebook page, so we thought lets give it a shot..but with a little MoZ stylin’ to it. We’ll be making three posts to try this out. Depending on the response we’ll decide the future of ‘The Junk Food Judge’.

For this first time we’ll be judging two ‘Side Kicks’ provided by our favorite pizza restaurant : Domino’s Pizza (cause we have been disappointed by Pizza Hut WAY too many times)


Chicken Kickers







      This the very latest entry into the Domino’s menu.

Did I like it ? Meh

Is it possible that some one else may like it? MAYBE

Let me take you layer-by-layer :

1st – air surrounding the kickers
Aroma: Good
Temperature: Hot

2nd – coating/crusting
Taste:  Meh
The crusting was-kinda moist and disappointing.
And the taste was pretty average too. It had a tinge of spice somewhere.

      3rd – chicken

Taste: Meh

    Again-it was the same deep fried chicken you get everywhere. Nothing new here.

Tartar Dip – Good.

    This is probably the one thing that saves this dish from being a total failure on all fronts. The tartar dip adds a pinch of tanginess and thus, a different(but not  new) flavor to the entire dish. It isn’t a revolutionary change in the taste or something-but because the kickers are so weird, this just seems like a way in which I could bury the flavor of the coating and finish  these mofos up.

Finally: You might like Chicken Kickers. I didn’t.

Butterscotch – Mousse Cake


      This was available only for 2 weeks or so. I don’t know why this was not added as a permanent item in their Dessert menu. Domino’s probably hated everyone, thats why.

Did I like it? I fucking LOVED it. It was so SO GOOD!
Is it possible that some one else might not-like it? Maybe – but their taste buds would probably hate the person, thats why.

Let me take you layer-by-layer :

1st : air-above the mousse cake
Aroma: Heavenly
Temperature: Exactly the way I would like it. Not too cold(firm)-not too warm(gooey liquids everywhere)

2nd :  Butterscotch Cream  – Chocolate Flakes
Belly Rub awesome It looks MUCH better than it looks. So imagine how good it tastes.
The cream is exactly like you would want it. It’s nice and smooth and rolls on your tongue.







3rd : Chocolate Cake

Belly Rub awesome Then comes the god-touched-cake thing.
Oh god, that is so good.
Texture: Perfect!
And the cake is so consistent. And its not TOO spongy to soak up the butterscotch cream nor is it so hard that you need to make an effort to dig your teeth in it.

And the butterscotch cream and the chocolate cake repeat another time.

Finally : This HAS to be one of THE best desserts given away by any fast food joint in India.
I wouldn’t mind spamming the hell on Domino’s India fb page petitioning them to start this item again.


:Chicken Kickers







:Butterscotch – Mousse Cake









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