Directed by Bumpy


Shraddha Kapoor as Rhea Dialdas

Taaha Shah as Luv Nanda

Pushtiie Shakti as Jugs

Sreejita De as Sonia

Jannat Rahmani as Minty Dialdas

Riya Bamniyal as Natasha Oberoi


Luv Ka The End is one of those movies that makes you feel like hunting down the director and beating him to a pulp. It’s not merely dumb, it’s aggressively stupid. It employs every cliche in the book, and miserably at that. I feel like crying at the thought of people actually paying money to see something like this.

The plot goes something like this:  After completion of her examinations, Mumbai-based Rhea Dialdas, who lives with her parents; younger sister, Minty; and paternal grandmother, looks forward to spending more time with hunky Luv Nanda, the son of Mukesh – rumored to be a smuggler. Her plans change abruptly after her parents decide to travel to Pune and ask her to look after Minty and Grandma, and she ends up canceling her date with Luv. She hangs out with her friends, Sonia Lovani, and Jugnoo Shastri and finds out that Luv has not only been two-timing her but is also busy accumulating points on a website called BBC – Billionaire Boys Club. She and her friends decide to teach Luv a lesson.

To be fair, the film’s first half-hour is okay-ish. After that it plummets into hell. Stuff like the scene where underwear is piked with itching powder made me groan. Seriously? Are our young people really that lame? Seriously? The songs are pretty meh, especially “The Mutton Song” which is remarkably annoying. The only thing this movie has going for it is a few supporting performances. The climax is ridiculous, and I almost abandoned the film right there.

If you’ve suddenly turned masochist, Luv Ka The End is the perfect movie.



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