Beyblade is a Japanese Manga series that has become popular among American children due to the branded spinning top toys associated with the cartoon. The toys come with a little plastic arena to spin around on, and the object of the game is to knock the other guy’s spinning top out of the arena. But what if you want to have a truly epic battle?

A couple of kids expanded their playing field by using the family bathtub as an arena. Here’s the problem: When the toys spun, their metal bottoms tore up the enamel on the tub. When mom got a $500 repair estimate, she decided to make the kids pay by giving up their allowance and selling all their toys on eBay. Above is a photo of the devastated children putting their Beyblade toys up for auction.

And then 4chan, the notoriously anarchic and prank-fueled message board, found the auction and decided to have a little fun with it.


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