MoZ Note: Junkyard Groove split. Then, regrouped with a new line-up, except Ameeth Thomas, who continues to be the Lead Vocalist. Well, we can’t say much more right now (till we don’t know more about the new vibes)

But, one thing is for sure..JYG has been a great band and has delivered and, more importantly entertained us all as a group. We are glad that the original line up made one album [titled 11:11, Listen/download for free here], which was a runaway success.

In the past, a fresh line up has been the best thing to happen to some now major bands. We wish the same to JYG. Let us hope the upcoming new E.P has, if not the same, a better punch in it!



We are too lazy to write all this down.So taking from . YAY!







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