• 1. Have A Big Butt

    A study at Oxford University showed that women with a more pronounced backend are “at a lower risk for heart and metabolic diseases.” (Source)

  • 2. Eat Apples

    Eating apples, and the antioxidants contained within, can increase your lifespan by up to 10%. However, falling out of an apple tree can have the opposite effect. (Source)

  • 3. Be Single

    Beyonce would be proud. While the same may not be true for single men, single women have been found to live just as long if not longer than married women. (Source)

  • 4. Start School Later In Life

    Starting First Grade before age 6 has been shown to have lasting effects. Children need to be prepared and able to relate to their classmates. (Source)

  • 5. Drink

    A recent paper in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research revealed that, for some reason, those who abstained from alcohol tended to die before those who indulged in it. (Source)

  • 6. Floss

    Swollen arteries resulting from bacteria in your teeth can cause your arteries to swell, in turn causing heart disease. (Source)

  • 7. Move To Japan

    Japan has the highest life expectancy out of any other country. (Source)

  • 8. Get Less Sleep

    A recent study found that people who sleep slightly less than eight hours a night (around six-seven) have a significantly lower rate of mortality than those who sleep more than eight and less than four. Source

  • 9. Be Religious

    A 2006 study revealed that people who frequent church on a weekly basis could live up to three years longer than those who don’t. (Source)

  • 10. Work Near Ornamental Plants

    Ornamental plants have been show to drastically improve health when placed inside an office. The plants “reduce stress, increase performance at work and reduce symptoms of ill health.” Yet another reason why ornamental plants rank consistently in my top 5 favorite things. (Source)

  • 11. Get Along With Your Mother

    A study a Harvard University revealed that 91% of people who weren’t close with their mother developed a serious disease by middle age. (Source)

  • 12. Be Hispanic

    Life expectancy among Hispanic folk is two years higher than that of African Americans and non-Hispanic whites. Source

  • 13. Squat To Defecate

    Before you start laughing, know that squatting can greatly reduce your chance of getting colorectal cancer.(Source)

  • 14. Drink A Moderate Amount Of Coffee

    A recent study found that women who drink coffee are 25% less likely to die from heart disease. (Source)

  • 15. Work Hard And Retire Later In Life

    People who work well into the later years of their life have been shown to live longer than those slackers who don’t. Source

  • 16. Embrace Old Age

    In Ohio, a study was done with 660 participants over the age of 50. People with a positive outlook on life tended to live an average of eight years more than those with a negative outlook. Source

  • 17. Eat Garlic

    Garlic has been found to reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer, and boost the immune system. (Source)

  • 18. Learn To Play The Banjo

    Or any new skill to keep the brain active. But I think the world needs more banjo players. (Source)

  • 19. Eat Chocolate

    A Harvard University study found that people who eat chocolate a few times a week tend to live longer than those who eat it sparingly or not at all. (Source)

  • 20. Clone Yourself

    Take your pick. A small sect of scientists believe that cloning humans and harvesting their organs is the key to a longer life. (Source)


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