Regifting Robin is a cool mind trick that can guess any two-digit number you imagine.

Go to

to play the game, then come back here for an explanation on how it’s done.  Though if you are a programmer(like YourFace and TrollMaster), you should be able to easily figure it out for yourself.

The game asks you to select any two digit number (example 25).  Next, you are to subtract the both the first and second digits from your number (example: 25 – 2 – 5 = 18).  Then you are to select a gift from a grid of all possible answers.  In the final page, Regifting Robin correctly guesses your gift.  So how does this nifty trick work?

The equation can be represented as:  (10*x + y) – x – y = 9*x

Using our example, x = 2 and y = 5, so that’s (10*2 + 5) – 2 – 5 = 9*2 = 18.

In the gift grid, each 9*x box has the same gift, e.g., the boxes numbered 9, 18, 27, 36, etc. all are marked “Bath Salts.”

The selected gift is changed each time to make the trick seem more real.


Too Long;Didnt Read :

The number you get when you do the subtraction will always be a multiple of 9.

Look at the list of numbers/gifts. Every multiple of 9 is the same gift. So that’s the one she guesses.

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