The Times of India reports today that our two favorite recording artists in the whole wide world will team up for what promises to be the kvltest/most rocking collab of 2011. Canadian crooner Bryan Adams and Bollywood playback veteran Sonu Nigam will join hands some time later in the year to record what the Times terms “the perfect mix of East and West.” It was Love in Nepal Dhaka for the two; Bryan Adams was so impressed by Nigam’s cringe-worthy English language performance of the self-composed Cricket World Cup anthem ‘Let’s Go For Glory’ that he invited the singer to rendezvous in London.Check out our coverage of the World Cup opening ceremony and a recap of the entire Bryan Adams tour saga here.

Sonu Nigam (until recently known as Sonuuou Niiggaaam, or similar vowel permutation thereof) is undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s top playback singers, a rare talent with one of the best singing voices we’ve ever heard. His career, however, has been punctuated with a fair number of facepalm moments. He thought once that he could be an indi-pop music video megastar. The result? This video for ‘Tu’ off 1998?s Kismat, featuring a young Bipasha Basu, kvlt CGI and plently of lulz.

A few years later, he labored under the misapprehension that he was meant to be in front the camera, starring as opposed to merely singing. The result? 2004?s howlariously bad Love In Nepal.

Press still from Love In Nepal

Not the greatest of ideas either. Of late, Nigam has taken to singing in an English dialect that’s all his own, with horribad diction and pronounciation that make it hard to get past the words and enjoy the quality of his voice. At this year’s Filmfare Awards, he inexplicably sang the entirety of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ Yeah, thatsong. From that movie.

Did we mention he’s also taken to dressing like a douche? In any case, this Adams-Nigam collaboration is doomed to be D.O.A. unless they do one of two things:

  1. Give a Kurkure Desi Beatz spin to a Bryan Adams pop-rock classic, à la Raghu Dixit.
  2. Resurrect Rex Harrison and coax him into giving Nigam My Fair Lady-style tuition.



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