UPDATE :13/2/11

Sony has released the official advertisements for what was initially being called the ‘PSP Phone’,which we now know is called the ‘Xperia Play’.

Don’t call it PSP.(Credit: Sony Ericsson)

Moment Of Zen on the Xperia Play:

*We haven’t actually seen it IRL or played around with it but from the looks of it…*

  • Xperia Play lacks the full PSP library, not to mention the NGP’s: Android-playable PlayStation games aren’t the same thing, and a paltry 50 titles at launch doesn’t sound promising. Existing owners of PSP content are up a creek, and will have to repurchase games.
  • No dual-analog pads! Buttons and a physical D-pad are ok, but the real appeal of a gaming phone lies in an analog stick. The Xperia Play uses a touch-pad zone with virtual analog–in essence, no different than touch on an iPhone or iPad. This hasn’t solved the control issue for hard-core gamers–instead, it’s a lateral move.

  • Weird design: The asymmetrical feel of the Xperia Play’s flip-up screen doesn’t resemble a PSP at all. It’s not even as elegant as a PSP Go. It bothers us. Does it bother you?

    • It’s an estranged cousin to the NGP: Unlike the iPhone and iPod Touch, which are practically fraternal twins, the NGP and Xperia Play have as much in common as you do to that odd relative who moved away years ago to live in the desert. Despite possibly debuting in the same calendar year, these two devices aren’t synonymous, and don’t share the same games. One can’t substitute for the other, meaning an even more fragmented PlayStation universe.
    • And we think the reason Sony is stressing so much that we shouldn’t tag it PSP,but just PlayStation Verified or something corny like that,because the PSP2 is in the line up and,well they wouldn’t like to spoil the cherry freshness on it by calling this device a PSP.


    'PlayStation Phone'

    Sony has never acknowledged the existence of a PlayStation Phone, even though sites have been reporting leaked photos and videos of the device for months. Now a Web site in China claims to have new pictures—61 of them spread over 12 pages—of the mythical device.

    The pictures show a Sony Ericsson device with slide-out gaming controls. Included in this set are screenshots as well as sample photos from the digital camera. The back of the phone and the control panel both show a prominent Xperia logo, the name of Sony Ericsson’s line of high-end smartphones.

    The site says the photos show a phone with a 4-inch display that’s an 854×480 capacitive touchscreen, an 8-megapixel camera, 720p video recording, and a micro SD card slot. The site’s analysis goes on to say the chip must be at least 1GHz and running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). It comes in both black and white.

    With this latest leak, the PlayStation Phone is rapidly becoming the worst-kept secret in consumer electronics, right up with the Verizon iPhone, which reports say will be announced Tuesday. Analysts are convinced the PlayStation Phone exists, and say it will likely be announced early this year.


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