UPDATE:  Anil Kapoor to star in Mission Impossible 4

Anil Kapoor of the Slumdog Millionare and 24 (tv show) fame.


So far everything that we’ve heard about Mission Impossible 4 is super promising… J.J. Abrams is still involved (if only as a producer), they hired Brad Bird (1) to direct and then, when all was in jeopardy, Tom Cruise stepped up by stepping down his price-tag to make sure it would still happen.

The casting continues and it’s shaping up nicely. Series regulars Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg has already announced their return. Then they grabbed Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, a couple foreign baddies in Vladimir Mashkov and Michael Nyqvist (2) plus recent additions Paula Pattonc (3) and Josh ‘Sawyer’ Holloway.

MI4 has already picked their locations, shooting in Prague, Vancouver and Dubai.


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