I think TimesNow will be held the sole responsible if the CWG will not be a success.
After TimesNow has started this news ‘item’ of theres about 3 countries have pulled out of the CWG, and raised questions in many other participants. TimesNow is now after Suresh Kalmadi , who hasn’t been responsible , which he clearly has instated in the interview with TimesNow on FranklySpeaking with Arnab Goswami.
TimesNow has become an egoist and TRP following channel , which is utterly disgusting.
Mr.Arnab Goswami, who is just a bloody interviewer/journalist has started becoming important , and unlike before when the government was comfortable with revealing things with the media , now its becoming scared.
TimesNow needs to know there limits and THEIR moral responsibilities.
They want to destroy the CWG, and make India look bad internationally , while they’ll be getting national and international television/media rights and recognisition as most now go to NDTV.
I think all this is just a horrible horrible blow up of a REGULAR government check up, which would’ve been there with or w/o TimesNows ‘internvention’ .
Now please try to understand how people would react to the games, the infrastructure.
They would joke around the curruption and use Kalmadis name in black everywhere.
Mr. Suresh Kalmadi has clearly said let CVC/CBI investigate, then why do TimesNow has to take up this cause and try to be some whitebodies in the common man.
When the alleged ‘chor’ is saying let the police investigate, surely he isn’t responsible.
Only the CBI/CVC reports will show the truth.
TimesNow has just been trying to destroy the CWG.
And TN ego is hurt because Kalmadi said that he’ll take legal action.
I say, do them hard.

PS- I am not on anyones side. Nor do I care if you are enraged by comment or not. For me , my countries image is important and not some stupid news channels views.

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